Saturday, August 14, 2010

Writing Exercise: "Your Life Guide"

If you were to have a guide, what would you tell them about how to communicate with you in a way that is most supportive?

Give me positive encouragement. Tell me what I'm doing right, but don't hesitate to tell me if something's not working. Give it to me straight and don't hide behind smoke and mirrors I want to work as an partnership with both of us equally learning from the other. If I have an idea, let me fully explain it before you jump to conclusions. Even it isn't feasible, some parts of it might still be possible. Make this a conversation; tell me what you think. If you're silent, I might assume you're not interested and I'm just talking to a wall.

Don't nag me. That's a surefire way to turn me off. Don't offer your advice from high above your pedestal. If you are manipulative, Ill break the partnership, no questions asked. But if you're willing to work with me, I'll try to honor our partnership as best as I can.

All writing and art copyright A. Dameron 2000-2010

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