Monday, August 23, 2010

You Know You're a Writer Mum when... can toss around a soft football (soccer) ball with one hand and type with the other. can concentrate on editing drafts while the Wiggles, Kipper, Pinky Dinky Doo, Blues Clues or Barney is on in the background. can hum/whistle/sing the theme songs of the above kid shows and do it automatically. time your writing sessions based on the length of kids' shows. can write and feed a baby at the same time. scribble stuff while in the pediatrician's waiting room or the kids' ER. can network during playdates.

... you introduce yourself to the kids' teachers as a writer

...people ask you if you ever sleep and you have to honestly answer, "I don't. Not really." organize your article notes or novel ideas while sitting through a PTA meeting.

...Naptime = 1000 words. Maybe. If you're lucky. can cook/wash dishes/load the laundry/fold laundry/feed baby/serve snack while on the phone with an agent.

...your kids and spouse tiptoe around the house when you announce "Mummy's on deadline." don't mind driving around at 2 AM with a colicky baby, since you're normally up writing anyway. read books to your kids and think, a) "I could use this idea in my story." b)"Who wrote this???" or c) "If this was MY story, I'd..." base some of your characters on your kids. Not exactly on them, but close enough. foster the love of reading and writing in your kids. They're the next generation of writers.

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  1. I get some of my story ideas from kids. My last little drabble was from watching the girl in the bath. And I got an ENT idea from both of us and our crazy kids.

    And I haven't written anything for a while...Real life! But soon.. Maybe tomorrow. (Another mom-ism) "Maybe tomorrow I'll get some writing done. Maybe."


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