Thursday, August 19, 2010

Creative Profile

Creative Profile

Identifiable style?
I like to be whimsical and creative in my writing, art, and pictures. I don't want to be ordinary. I like to experiment with different methods and different styles, like combining poetry and photography. Sometimes I'll also post works-in-progress to show the progression from idea to finished piece.

Do you integrate everything in your life into your expressions?
Mostly. I tend to bring my own personal experiences and desires into my writing. I'm a linguist, so most of my science-fiction/fantasy stories integrate language/culture.  I include the issues the matter most to me. All my characters have a little piece of me (a mannerism, or a personality trait, for example). I bring my personality into my virtual classroom. No substitutions.

Do you practice an artistic discipline on a regular basis?
I write every day, sketch and paint. I also do tai chi and Chi Kung (Qigong) to help with my rheumatoid arthritis.

How often do you create?
Every day, as much as I can.

Alone or with others?
Alone, usually, but I can also create as a group. Right now, I'm part of several writers' groups with brilliant and supportive people. (both real-life and on-line)

How important is innovation to you?
Very important. I'm not satisfied with the status quo. I like to put things together in different ways.

Are you a completely different person when you create?
I'm happier, less critical and less cranky. More confident and outspoken.

Does it help improve other aspects of your life or make things more difficult?
It's a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it helps with my emotional balance and health. On the other, I'm a "starving artist" and I'm misunderstood by people like my husband.

Do you need to be recognized for your creations? By whom?
I used to link my need for approval with my husband and was disappointed. Now I just want to be successful in doing what I love. I'm working on opportunities for financial gain right now.

Have you previously considered creativity an alien process?
Not "alien". Just "impractical". It wouldn't pay the bills or gain appreciation.

Do you consider yourself "talented'?
Depends. I think I have a natural inclination for certain things, but I don't think I can't do something scientific-wise or technology-wise because I have no "talent". Everyone can learn new skills.

Is it helpful to push against society or conform and please others?
If we all go with the status quo, nothing changes. Life becomes stagnant. Problems aren't addressed and nothing improves. The ones who think they know the best for everyone become powerful. I used to believe in not rocking the boat. Now I think it's a good thing once in a while.

Do you have an advanced understanding of certain expressive materials?
Words on paper, pencil and ink on canvas.

All writing and art copyright A. Dameron 2000-2010

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