Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Slice of Life of a Mummy Writer

This was my "writing morning" this morning:

7 AM: Kids are up, Wiggles are on, coffee's in the pot. Son powers up my laptop (good boy!). Breakfast for all.

7:15 Daughter has meltdown, need to calm her. Son cuts power to laptop, must reboot.

7:30 Finally check E-mail Older daughter decides she doesn't need diaper...putting diaper on moving target very challenging.

7:45 Reboot computer. Again.

8:00 Pinky Dinky Doo on Nick Jr. Son decides he wants to put DVD on, turns it on, his sisters howl in protest. Must settle argument. Son sulks because he doesn't get to do what he wants to do. Decides to throw tantrum. Time-out in room.

8:30 Jack's Big Music Show on Nick Jr. Again, replay of incident at 8 AM. Sorted out halfway through the program.

8:45 Look over friend's draft, make notes about revision. Look over other writing, makes notes on round-robin chapter.

9:30 Kids playing quietly, I run a load of laundry, and write. Find Baby Girl's blocks the hard way by stepping on them. Implement clean-up.

9:45 Son wants to get out. Dress kids, shoes. Takes much longer than it should..

10:05 Load kids in car. Also takes much longer than it should.

10:25 Arrive at Northlake Mall. Kids play in the playplace. Get a couple of chocolate chip cookies in honor of National Chocolate Chip Day.

11:30 Find out Charlotte DOT is repaving usual way home. Must take long way around.

11:45 Lunch. Chicken sandwiches and tater tots. Check e-mail. Older daughter decides she wants Baby Girl's lunch instead. Chaos ensues

12:10 Afternoon Wiggles on. Manage to finish edit draft and send it.

And that was my morning. Right now, the kids are taking naps/quiet time so I can finally catch up on writing's your writing day been so far?

All writing and art copyright A. Dameron 2000-2010

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  1. I'll tell you one thing, I don't even try to write when the kids are awake. Of course that means shoving everything into nap and bed time, which also means, not much writing gets done most days.

    But National Chocolate Chip Day?! Why didn't I hear about this???

    If you didn't write today, I wouldn't have been the wiser :)


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