Monday, January 24, 2011

200 Posts! Thank you to my readers!

I realized that the last post was my 200th in this blog! Has it really been 200?! Thanks to all my readers who have been amused by my little ditties here! :-D Much appreciated.

Do I really write that much? LOL! I suppose writing every day does add up after a while. There are days when the well runs dry and I end up playing catch-up with posts. Eventually, the Muse smacks me over the head and yells, "Okay...WRITE THIS!"

"But this is pure crap!" I protest.

"I DON'T CARE! YOU CAN ALWAYS EDIT ANYWAY! WRITE IT!"  (Did I mention that my Muse uses all caps some of the time? And she's a Drama Queen? And a romantic?)

"Okay..." She's usually right in one long as I get the idea down on paper, I can always go back to it and add/fiddle with/turn inside out/delete later.

So...200 posts. Here's to another 200 more!


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