Friday, January 28, 2011

Multitasking Writer/Artist Mama...

Remember that post a couple of days ago, in which I reminded myself not to overdo/overextend?

Um...didn't take my own advice. Multitasking is the only way I can get everything done and still get SOME sleep at night. For example:

a) I painted the backgrounds for three new "Chinese Calligraphy" 5x7 canvas boards (acrylic scarlet red)

and while they dried, I
b) Sorted out laundry into warm, colds and whites

and then I
c) Checked to make sure Baby Girl wasn't getting into some sort of trouble. Usually she's playing w/her Legos or her stuffed animals or watching Nick Jr. or scribbling on her little etch-a-sketch thing

Seeing that Baby Girl was safely occupied, I then:
a2) Painted the actual Chinese characters in yellow acrylic paint on all three boards

and while they dried I
b2) threw one load of warms into the washer

but then
c2) Baby Girl wanders to where I am and attempts to help by fishing a shirt out of the basket. Instead of putting it into the washer, she takes off with it, dragging it on the floor and collecting dust and lint on said shirt.

so I
c3) Chase Baby Girl round the downstairs (we have an open floor plan) to retrieve stolen (linty, dusty) shirt

b3) finish loading washer and turning it on

c4) Baby Girl wants her milk, so I get her some

before I
a3) check the calligraphy, determine that they are dry, find the digital camera to take pics

c5) Baby Girl cranky because "Team Umizoomi" has finished on Nick Jr. She proceeds to mash on the keyboard of my laptop (which I regularly lock for that reason).

and in the meantime
b4) Washer throws a massive tantrum. Find out it's unbalanced. Redistribute the balance, restart cycle

and in the meantime
c6) Baby Girl has located my digital camera and is in the process of "Oooh...what does THIS button do, Mommy???" I retrieve digital camera, much to her dismay

so I
c7) find the little plush camera that came with her Build A Bear present and give it to her. She recognizes it and is instantly happy again.

and then I
a4) take a few pics to judge position, lighting, etc. Adjust both

c8) Baby Girl copies me with her little camera

a5) I take digital pics, pop SD card out of camera, download pics for photo processing

b5) Wash cycle done, move that load into dryer, start loading cold load

c8) Baby Girl decides to repeat c3.

So I
repeat c4.

b6) finish loading cold load, start that cycle, start the dryer

And by this time
c9) It's lunchtime, then naptime immediately thereafter. For both of us.


All original writing and art copyright A. Dameron 2000-2010


  1. Damn, I got exhausted reading it. I live your life too. LOL... always trying to do three to four things at once


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