Monday, January 3, 2011

Pre-Orange Bowl Thoughts

As I write this (4:24 PM, Eastern Standard Time), the Fed Ex Orange Bowl will start in a little over 4 hours. This year, it will be #4 Stanford against #13 Virginia Tech. I graduated from VT and am a proud Hokie supporter (alumna, Class of 1995). Tech's football program has been rated one of the best in the country. Since I left, we've had quarterbacks like Michael Vick and Tyrod Taylor, switched conferences from the Big East to the Atlantic Coast Conference and won the Commonwealth Cup for a long time running. (The CC is the winner of the Virginia Tech/University of Virginia game).

Ah, but I remember the days when Coach Frank Beamer was only a few years into his career at VT. My husband still teases me about the time I stayed for the Thanksgiving game vs. UVA...which we lost. (I'd much rather see the football team lose than see him over the holiday, he teases.). I still remember the days where our record was 2-8-1 and Defensive Coach Bud Foster had just started busting up whiteboards. (Long story).

Those days are gone (thank goodness) and Tech has become a respectable football program. I wonder how they'll do against Stanford, another powerhouse. It should be a pretty exciting game.

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