Monday, January 17, 2011

Recipes from Hubby's Grandmother's Recipe Box (4)

This recipe was jotted down on the back of a receipt from a laundry/dry cleaners place in Sioux City, Iowa, where my mother-in-law's family is from. Cusack-Baumann, on Pearl Street.

Again, this is typed directly from that receipt, with no editing.

Tinted Rice

Use Coloring as desired: (2 tsp yellow, tsp. blue, 3 tsp green, or 3 tsp red)
3 c. cold water, 4 c. uncooked rice (1 # 12 oz.)

Mix desired coloring with water. Add rice and soak until desired shade is obtained. Drained tinted rice, saving colored water for re-use if needed. Few drops of perfume or cologne may be added to water after coloring as been blended. Spread tinted rice on cookie sheet and dry in oven @ 250 degrees for 15 minutes. Makes ab. 32 bags (2 tbsp ea.) Use regular milled white rice for pastel colors. Parboiled rice best for deep colors.

Rice favors: place on small squares of net or tulle, line with polyethelene and tied with ribbon.

Can be glued for decorative projects--or layered or mixed in clear vases or jars.

Can be used for mosaic paintings or caught up in net for corsages.

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