Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Synchroncity, or Signposts from the Universe

Synchroncity is defined as "an event that happens at a fortuitous point in time, usually as a sign that the Universe is either 1) listening, or 2) has a sense of humor." It's like the cliche of thinking about a certain person just before the phone rings and it's them on the other end of the line. When something like that happens, it makes you pause and wonder, "What was that?"

Just two days ago, I wrote an article here about one of my favorite artist/authors, Nick Bantock. He's the author of the Griffin and Sabine and The Morning Star trilogies. I own both trilogies and The Venetian's Wife. This morning, I had an appointment with my rheumatologist at Presbyterian Main, and my favorite used bookstore is on the way home. So I stopped by to see what was new...and I found a copy of The Artful Dodger on the shelf. TAD is Bantock's autobiography in pictures, so to speak; his journey through art school and how he made his successful book series. I saw it was half-price, reasonable for a 200+ page art book, and snapped it up.

All this after I set one of my goals (I don't call them resolutions anymore): to improve my art technique. Is this a sign from the universe saying, "You're on the right track...keep going"? Similar instances have happened to me before, and it's never failed to startle me each time. It's eerie...but wonderful at the same time.

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