Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mediums and Major Messes

Last night, I was re-organizing my art boxes (the various boxes, bags and containers that hold my art supplies). A plastic organizer holds my inks, Chinese brushes, bamboo pens, dip pens and their various points. My gouache paints, chalk and oil pastels, and watercolor pencils are locked away in a rattan box. Acrylics and glitter paints are in a huge organizer, with watercolor crayons, charcoal and pastel sticks (with blenders) in the top compartments. Oil pencils, drawing pencils, Prismacolor pencils, pastel pencils, a mini-artist's figure, various erasers and pencil sharpeners are in three different pencil cases.

That's not counting my oil paints, turpentine, brush cleaners, hard pastels from England, Start Watercolour pencils from England, palettes...you get the idea.

I never realized just how many kinds of art medium I have used in the eight years since I started making art. I started with the oils, moved to acrylics, then watercolor. When I became interested in my Chinese heritage, I began doing Chinese watercolors and calligraphy (and Japanese sumi-e watercolors). I started sketching in the spare time between household crises, so I fiddled with charcoal, pastel and oil pencils.

And my dining room table has so much dried paint on it...I might as well sand it down and re-paint it mahogany.

Time flies when you're having fun.

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